Flower Dust

How do you preserve yourself?
How do you preserve a feeling?
Maybe this is a recipe on how
to take care of someone else,
but maybe this recipe fails
every time. No matter what,
when you care for a flower,
you’re going to be touching dirt.

Cory Feder’s Flower Dust delivers a strong personal narrative about loss: of a family member and simultaneously, a romantic relationship. Throughout the pages of this comic, she contemplates the difference between taking care of yourself and someone else. Feder processes her aunt’s suicide, drawing parallels between herself and her kin while navigating a language barrier. She discovers how learning a familial language breaks down distance with someone who has passed to better understand the passing. Concurrently, she develops imagery and a language of self preservation in the wake of a significant breakup. Flower Dust tells a rich story that is heartbreaking, bratty, and inspiring.

Flower Dust by Cory Feder, 2nd Edition (Hardcover)

Flower Dust is an 80-page 4-color risograph printed full length comic book by Cory Feder.

100% printed and perfect bound in-house by Izzy Jarvis of F.I.N.E. with screen-printed covers and dust jacket (Images are from the first edition, the 2nd edition is still in production).

UPDATE: Regarding Pre-Order sales: Expected release date has been dramatically pushed back to due a major setback of our risograph breaking down. Release and shipping now expected to be in December 2018. Thank you for your patience!

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