Relief No.1

Relief No.1


Relief #1 is a publication featuring printmakers who work in relief media. I aim to showcase talent in an art medium that is often considered rudimentary and unsophisticated. The first issue focused on young talent from the United States.

Issue #1 Featured artists (A-Z): 
Molly Bounds, Raj Bunnag, Genesis Crepso, Aaron David, John Fleissner, Daniel Green, Dan Heskamp, Izzy Jarvis, Ali Cat. Leeds, Andrew Mullally, Jacob Parker, Nicole Rodrigues, and Tamara Santibañez.

8-Pages, Offset-Printed on Large Newsprint.
Each page measures 15 x 22.5", with a 30 x 22.5" centerfold. Zine can be read as a publication, or used as posters.

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